2016 Raceboat Regatta

Join usĀ August 19-21, 2016

Check out footage from the 2014 event:


Back in the early 1990s, some nostalgia buffs with old race boats were musing about the success of the annual Antique Boat Show at the Antique Boat Museum. The idea to hold a similar event with vintage race boats was tossed out and caught hold. Bill Munro chaired a large group of committed enthusiasts who hosted the first-ever Vintage Race Boat Regatta in August of 1992. This biennial event have brought together some of the greatest names in racing, and likewise many of the most famous boats of all time. Such greats as Riggs Smith, Bob Schroeder, Fred Alter and Buddy Byers were on the original organizing committee. Many others were in critical positions making it all happen. Over the years, the Antique Raceboat Regatta has given owners, drivers, historians and public an opportunity to see the greatest boats of all time performing in the water with dramatic rooster tails and the roar of powerful engines.

This summer, the Regatta will bookend a celebration of the 50th annual Antique Boat Show inbys on the museum waterfront. Vintage raceboats have come of age and our opportunity to demonstrate them in their natural environment has caught the public’s attention.

And just think, all of our vintage Regattas started in Clayton in 1992, and Clayton is still the largest event on the vintage raceboat circuit. This is a huge gathering, come join all the fun !!!



A note to all participants: For insurance and safety reasons, to run your vintage race boat at speed on the course, you must be a current APBA member (American Power Boat Association) and your vintage boat/equipment must qualify and pass the APBA Safety Inspection. If you do not pass the safety inspection, you will stay on the trailer. Safety is the #1 priority of this event. Safety Inspection Form

Racing Fuel: Please be advised that you can obtain Sunoco racing gasoline up to 112 octane and methanol at Can-Am Enterprises, Evans Mills, NY phone 315-629-4536 for your race fuel needs during normal business hours. If you need assistance please contact the event organizer, Dave Richardson at 315-222-5434 or dave@syoverstreet.com